Growing up on the country side of France, I have always been surrounded by nature and animals. Having a forest ranger for father, it also gave me the opportunity to be bathed in environmental concerns, with an early understanding of what were the challenges to come to maintain a sustainable and harmonious way of life. Photography and video emerged later and soon occupied a major part of my life, pushing me to operate a retraining from the pharmaceutical sector to the creative one. As I said, I just finished last semester my formation at the University of applied arts Vienna and would like now to use my talents and skills in a meaningful way. That’s the reason why I am here writing to you : I couldn’t think of a better chance to do so !

It’d be such an honor to work for your organization and also a pride to help communicate about ideas and convictions I share with all of you guys.

Here is a non-exhaustive sample with a selection of pictures I thought could fit. I haven’t taken much wild photography nor made interviews or documentary but I have the capability and the motivation to do so, being passionate at what I do and being a social and fast learner able to incorporate a team in an instant. As a serious and well organized person I can project myself shooting material but also dealing with external agencies and set briefings / production for on-location videographers as well as take good care that the hub works as it should before editing the material when needed.

I’d be really happy to further talk about this opportunity at a time that would fit you if you were to consider my profile.

Thank you very much, Grégory.