lnsomnophotonomania is a stand piece which has 2 states. One, as you see on the top picture, is a day light state/exhibition state which shows the black stripe printed on the paper with silver nitrate and its frame in walnut. The whole piece is drowned in a mass of resin that gives the illusion of a single and inseparable object. When the room is then plunged into dark, one area on the paper starts to glow as shown on the bottom picture. This phase can last till 4 hours. As the light didn’t reflected as much on the black than on the white during the ┬źenlightning phase┬╗, the phosphorescent layer won’t send back as much light as the white one. The phosphorescent layer is directly applied on the paper and also recovered by the resin.

lnsomnophotonomania can refer to several aspects of the nowadays social habits such as the con cern of the presence and the multiplication of screens in everyday’s lite. Both black and green parts have the same 16:9 ratio which is the same as most screens on the market.

lt could also be a reflection about the use and maybe the waste of produced energy which is, for the big part of it, coming from nuclear power plants, at least in Europe.

ln contrast, it also could be considered as a reflection about the increasing use of clean solar energy.

Once sealed in resin, the piece becomes totally independent and can’t be influenced by any exterior factor but its enlightning which is inevitable if shown to people.